About Canine Corral


Canine Corral offers three services; doggie day camp (daycare), overnight camp (boarding) and training.


Currently, Canine Corral is offering 2 products for sale that the owner fully believes in and uses with her own dogs.


Incorporating a clicker into positive, reinforcement style training produces quicker, more reliable results. If you want to know how to use a clicker, just join one of our training classes or take some private lessons.

Front clip harness

Harnesses offer a nice alternative to collars which put a narrow band of pressure on a dog's neck, including the trachea. With most harnesses, the leash clips to ring on top of the shoulders; the dog has the leverage over the person so there is little control and the dog typically becomes a "puller". The front clip harness, however, has the ring for the leash on the dog's chest. This gives control over the front of the dog and puts the person back in control. For extra security and control, the leash may be clipped into both the harness and the collar. The Canine Corral staff will make sure the harness is adjusted to properly fit your dog.

Both products are very reasonably priced – just give us a call at 503-566-DOGS (3647).


Childhood on the farm

Canine Corral is a dream comes true for the owner and manager, Brenda Cutting. She grew up on a 160 acre family farm near Philomath, Oregon; consequently, animals have always been a significant part of her life. Dogs and horses were at the top of the list but experience on the farm also included sheep, cattle, hogs, goats, chickens, ducks, turkeys, rabbits, cats and tropical fish. Brenda was a 10-year 4-H member with a number of projects including cooking, sewing, flowers, vegetables and photography in addition to her animal projects. She was a member of the first 4-H dog club in Benton County and very successfully competed at State Fair in both conformation handling and obedience with her Keeshond, Kristi. While in 4-H she also entered several AKC obedience competitions and received high scores.


Brenda graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in Business Administration and a minor in Animal Science. She was a member of the OSU Equestrian Team which competed with the other local universities.

Dog Agility

Following an injury in a riding incident, Brenda's primary focus was re-directed from horses to dogs. She had an opportunity to observe part of the first dog agility seminar offered in the Willamette Valley and she was hooked! Seventeen years ago her Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Riley was the first local dog to achieve the Novice Agility Title by the quickest method – he earned a qualifying score in each of the first 3 runs. Since then Brenda has competed in agility with 3 other dogs and fared very well at championships in Calgary, Alberta and in Colorado with her Border Collie, Scootin' Scottie. Her other Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Tegan became an agility trial champion.

Canine Musical Freestyle

While vacationing in England, Brenda had the privilege of attending Crufts, the largest dog show in the world. Between agility events, were performances of Heel Work to Music. It was a real life introduction to a brand new dog sport Brenda had only seen on videos. Once again she was hooked! Soon afterward, she acquired Scootin' Scottie through Border Collie Rescue and began teaching him some tricks along with agility. Since then she has taken him on to be a Champion in Canine Musical Freestyle and in Heelwork to Music (the two components of this sport in our country). In addition to local events, she has competed in International events in Michigan and Colorado, a National event in Seattle and participated in demonstrations at the AKC Eukanuba Championships in Long Beach, California. One of her highlights was a brace routine (2 dogs, 1 handler) with Scootin' Scottie (Border Collie) and Tegan (Corgi) to the music, Christmas Don't Be Late, by The Chipmunks. Another special memory was a clown routine when she was just 5 weeks out of cancer surgery. She dressed as a breast cancer clown sporting lots of pink – both stripes and plaids and of course pink ribbons. In addition to the audience acknowledging their appreciation of the performance with a standing ovation, the judge gave very high scores, including a perfect 10 in the artistic category.


Over the years, Brenda has attended numerous training classes, private lessons, camps, seminars and workshops. The topics included: all levels of agility training and handling, dog behavior, tricks, first aid, K-9 Dressage, Canine Musical Freestyle, Heelwork to Music, basic and advanced obedience, Rally Obedience, creating motivation in dogs, clicker training, and a host of others.

Training & Teaching

Brenda finds it fascinating to communicate with another species and enjoys stretching a dog's mind to perform complex moves and do them with increasing precision. She's known for having dogs that can perform numerous tricks and often receives compliments on how happy her dogs are while performing. Training dogs and teaching owners to train their dogs is very rewarding for Brenda and helps fulfills her childhood plans of becoming a "teacher".


Brenda was turned on to photography as a youngster and it continues to be one of her pursuits. She particularly enjoys the challenge of photographing dogs, horses and other animals in action. Photo collages capturing the joy and merriment experienced by guests enrolled in day camp and overnight camp are displayed in the office.

For more information, please visit: www.caninecorralphotography.biz



Canine Corral offers a new facility, over 3000 square feet and built especially for dogs. The comfort, health and safety of dogs were at the forefront of the building design. It's located on a beautiful acreage just 8 minutes west of downtown Salem. This is an indoor facility, so doggies are not subjected to the inclement Oregon weather. Best of all, our clients do not have to put wet, muddy dogs into their cars for the ride home.

Climate controlled.

Hydronic radiant floor heat (hot water piping under the floor) keeps a constant temperature and provides comfort for dogs while taking afternoon naps. Two wall-mount air conditioners cool the building during the "dog days" of summer.


Because natural light is healthy for both people and dogs, the building has spacious windows. The windows were strategically placed high enough so dogs can't look out and bark at squirrels and other wildlife.

Rubber flooring

For safety, rubber mats have been installed on the gym floor. This floor covering is easier on the dog's joints and structure as well as providing better traction while playing. The flooring is sanitary because it can be scrubbed and disinfected. It's also a "green" aspect of the building as it is made from recycled tires.

Potty Area

There is an outdoor potty area which is fully fenced and covered by a shed roof. The doggies enjoy their frequent trips out in the fresh air and often catch the scent of a bird or chipmunk nearby.

Amenities for Staff

The design also takes into account the needs of staff members so accommodations like restroom, water cooler, refrigerator and microwave are available right in the gym so dogs are not left unattended.

Business Theme

Just for fun, the business name (Canine Corral) and the building theme (western) reflect Brenda's rural life and love for both horses and dogs.


Scootin' Scottie


Building interior / Brenda & Scottie


Itty Bitty Izzy


Building exterior


Installation of floor heating system