Salem Oregon Dog Boarding & Training

(Overnight Camp)

When you need to leave your dog for a night, a week, a month or even longer, would your dog prefer to be shut in kennel run? Not likely! Canine Corral is significantly different than traditional kennels. Our overnight guests have the same privileges as day camp dogs. During the day, they will be in a play group – exercising, making friends, hanging out with the staff, snoozing and enjoying themselves. At night a staff member is on duty and the dogs sleep in the gym.

Another difference from traditional kennels is that our guests continue on their regular diet instead of changing to a kennel diet which could add stress or cause digestive upset. It’s preferred that our guest also sleep in their own crate or bed so it feels like home and has the smells of home.

Be sure to check out our About page to find out more about the facility.

For safety of all of our guests, overnight dogs must:

  • Be friendly with people and other dogs

  • Be at least 4 months old

  • Be spayed or neutered, if 6 months or older

  • Be up-to-date on vaccinations, including bordetella

  • Be on flea and worm preventative programs

Enrollment process:

  • Meet with a Canine Corral staff member for an introduction and tour of the facility

  • Provide veterinarian statement to verify vaccinations are current

  • Complete an Application and a Services Agreement

  • Schedule a short session for your dog to become accustomed to the facility and for staff to evaluate your dog’s ability to get along in a play group

  • Schedule your dog’s overnight camp dates

Note: sometimes the enrollment process is done in 1 session, but most often 2 sessions

What to bring to overnight camp:

  • Any paperwork required for enrollment not yet given to Canine Corral

  • Your dog, wearing a quick release collar and solid leash 4’ – 6’ long (please, no retractable leashes)

  • Dog food and feeding instructions (we provide the bowls)

    • food may be in individual zip bags with 1 meal per bag, or

    • enough food for the whole stay in a container and you may include the measuring cup you use

  • Dog’s crate and/or bed

  • To ensure your dog gets the proper serving size, it's recommended that each meal be in a plastic zip bag or similar container. (Please, no full or mostly full dog food bags – we do not have room to store them.)

  • Please include at least 2 or more extra days of food. (We've had several situations where folks were not able to pick-up their dog as scheduled due to travel plan changes, illness, airline issues, weather, mechanical issues with auto etc.)

  • Be sure everything you bring is labeled with your dog's name.

  • Dog treats (optional)